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Enhanced Performance

We deliver standardized and tailor made
solutions to meet your investment goal.

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We connect valuable information
with appropriate decision making bodies.

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Explore common trends

Let us share our investment ideas
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Fixed Income

Comparable Bond Analysis allows exploiting the attractiveness of bond in terms of risk, liquidity and expected return.


Relative Value Analysis provides determined intrinsic value of particular stock respecting model based underlying risk factors.


The Structure of Assets and Liabilities is the single most influencing factor of financials future performance.

What we Offer

Rigorous, model based investment research helps our clients to  meet their investment goals.  We’ll ensure you’re getting the best guidance from the smartest people in the industry.
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About Us

e-Financials is an investor networking company focused solely on financial companies research and analysis. The mission is to provide its clients with the long-term advice they need to achieve their business goals.

The company commitment to exceptional service is unusual in today’s business climate, and is born of a tradition which stresses integrity above all. We strive to be front of mind, approachable and idea driven.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of of services do you give?

We are ready to help you to identify attractive investment opportunities in financial industry taking into account your risk return profile.

Do you offer individually tailored solutions?

We are ready to customize outcomes of our research and analysis based on client’s individual characteristics and needs.  

How would I start to use your services and solutions?

We would welcome to talk to you before you start to utilize our research and analysis within your investment process.

Helping Institutional Investors just like yours







Why Choose Us?


We are covering 3000+ bonds and 300+ stocks on 24/7 basis.


We understand how industry trends shape future of finance.


Our financial specialists ensure you get the optimum results.

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